The White Flower Valley Railway

16mm Narrow gauge fun in the garden.

Welcome to the Locomotive works


All locomotives currently out of service or under construction will feature here.

The WFVR’s first locomotive was GRAHAM a 0-4-0 diesel. This loco is built from brass sheet and features adjustable louvers. S/He is currently out of service for unknown reasons. Work will start on Him/her as soon as we have the time!

GRAHAM at Corris on Alan walkers NWRGR in Northolt UK

Here is the louver operating mechanism.

The final loco's in the shop are three  BRAZIL class locomotives which are being built from the Keith Buchlitch plans available from the 16mm Narrow gauge association. So far we have just had these parts laser cut. Soon more work will comense. I purchased the plans from Keith himself and a web site describing construction is to be found here at

Having carried out a number of modifications to enable batch production of my BRAZIL I have nearly completed the wheels. I made sufficient for three locos so it looks like I’ll be building three! How fun.

Here she is up on her own four wheels!

Progress so far, here she is with the buffer beams in place, the axel box rivets in. The rear spacer and boiler saddle fixed, and the bearing retaining bar in place. The cab foot plate and front foot pate are just balanced in place. The two misshapen lumps are my incorrectly assembled rear spacers, looks like I’ll be making some more of them tomorrow!

I finally got the cylinders profiled, the will still need to be reamed to fit. So I will be doing that shortly. Now onto the port blocks, covers and piston.

  I was getting fed up with the chassis getting more and more rusty so I decided to paint it. Here she is painted with all the other parts I have already made just balanced in position

My friend Laurie came over and showed me how to silver solder, here are all three boilers made, the larger boiler is for my Merlin locomotive. Now All I have to do is finish the cylinders, valve gear, boiler fillings, bodywork and painting and she’s finished, not a lot to do really!

 To ensure our cranks are quartered correctly I have made a wheel quartering jig. The plates were laser cut the starchers are 3/16” rod. All joints were glued then pined before painting. Brass screws are used to hold the axel in place while they are set.I am pleased to say the jig works perfectly. The wheels rotated freely once the coupling rods were fitted.

A quick photo to show work so far on MELODY and NUTTY as you can see the smoke boxes and tanks are finished and Mini Al is keeping a watchful eye on proceedings. Now I will be concentrating on finishing the cylinders and chassis components.

A quick up date to show how work has progressed, a lot of smaller parts have been worked on, and work progresses on the cranks, here is a shot of the drilling jig for the crank pin holes, made from a brass base with a hardened silver steel guide and a silver steel pin to locate the jig in the axel hole.


Here are some of the finished cranks the disks in the background are the remaining cranks, only another 12 to do.


Now she’s really starting to look like a locomotive, the cranks and coupling rods, two jobs I was worried about are fitted and thanks to the jig built parts it all functions correctly. Now only a few more parts and the loco’s are finished, yeah right!

Finally all three loco’s are as finished as each other! Here’s the line up, furthest from camera is MELODY, then NUTTY and No3.


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