The White Flower Valley Railway

16mm Narrow gauge fun in the garden.

Meet the fleet


My latest locomotive VICTORIA from the Plynlimon and Hafan Tramway. She is powered by a Binnie Ossy motor, the rest is scratch built. Hopefully plans will soon be available for you to build your own version, watch this space. Construction photo’s in the photo gallery


At the same time I purchased PRICE OF WALES I also brought a 0-4-0ST Merlin locomotive called ICH DIEN this loco has now been fully re built and photo’s of the work can be seen in the photo album PAULINE


We have also just finished the two PB&SS Rly three phase electric locomotives. Construction of these locos can be seen in the photo album ‘Electric locos’


PAULINE is backed up by a much abused Mamod, now called PRICE OF WALES. The loco has had new wheels, frames, boiler, body and smokebox, I think the only original parts are the cylinders and coupling rods. Photos of the rebuild can be found in the photo album.


I would like to find out more about the original owner, he had a etched plate made up for this loco, if you know any more about this loco please contact me.


Our deisel, a 0-6-0 Bagully-Drwery, modelled as No10 on the Vale of Rheidol Railway. The model has a Mac5 controller and sound card, and features full cab detail and directional lighting. More photo's in the photo gallery


FALLERSY is a conversion of the well known Faller loco. The loco was rebuilt with a new cab to get nearer the right height, a new chimney was fitted, the plastic was removed to give some daylight under the boiler and a tender was fitted. This houses the battery, the reverser gives forward-off-reverse so it sort of does its job. A repaint and lining finished the job. Since these photos were taken she has acquired a driver, works and name plates.

We also have available and currently in use for works trains No5 RATTY a very unusual locomotive built form the plans supplied in NG&IRMR No 8 this loco is so obscure it is not even known for sure where the fuel tank was or where the exhaust went. RATTY will be rebuilt, a bit when there is some space in the loco shop. She is powered by a High level motor gear box giving 108:1 reduction, so she’s a bit slow!

Also on shed is a very special model. This is LYN from the L&B, made by Hugh Saunders and owned by the late Mr D Jarvis, the loco is meths fired and has yet to be steamed on the WFVR. She will be kept exactly as is, apart from a repair to the roof.