The White Flower Valley Railway

16mm Narrow gauge fun in the garden.


 So here is the  CNC conversion for my X1,
well today I fitted the motors and adaptors. I then had to turn up some
bushes for the old hand wheels so I can use the machine manually if I want
to. On my next days off I'll be remounting the mill to give some more clearance
as the z axis stick out too far. After that I'll build the box for the
electronics to sit in then work out where the PC to run it all is going to

The first steps towards a railway were taken on the 1&2ND of August 2009 I resolved to lay a short out and back test line. I armed with string a shovel and some stakes (wooden) I laid out a short out a nd back just for test purposes. I hope to get the thing finished by the end of October.


My final tool was a tail stock die holder, which has already proved to be very useful.


 Here is the depth tool I made to enable me to set work into the chuck at the same depth, It has proved very handy.

Another quick modification was a new hand wheel, the old one was a pain to use, this new one is so nice to use I’ve not made use of the power feed since.

 I also made a new chuck key that had the appropriate Allen key for the quick change tool post.


You can see why I needed one.

I was reading Model engineers workshop issue 149 and was particularly taken with the mulit position depth stop. I decided to build one for my mini lathe/mill. After the tea ritual had been observed, as it is before any modelling is undertaken, I made a start with materials I had to hand. I was not able to mount the stop on the saddle due to the size of the saddle, so it is mounted on the electrical control box adjacent to the headstock. I am using some M4 set screws, which I will be changing for some proper pins in due course. I am now planning a depth stop type tool to make repetitive work easy.

Once I had finished that I decided to add one to the cross slide. 

 I thought people might like to see how I take my photo’s. I built this little photo spot so I could photograph my models without distracting back grounds. The problem was that the flash leaves horrible shadows, and because of its location a normal tripod is out of the question. So I thought about building a special tripod, then I came up with the idea of using one of those magnetic pick up tools, I didn’t want to ruin the tool so I simply drilled two holes in the handle and screwed that to the side of the tunnel, then I made a sleave to fit over the magnetic end of the tool. This is a steel turning with a 1/4” Whitworth thread to attach to the camera and it is glued into a brass sleave. Thus allowing easy removal should I ever need to use the tool for its intended purpose.


Well it was about time I actual added something to this page. So here is the first photo We are building a section of Festiniog Railway track and so far we have turned some 2” X 4” Jarrah timber into sleeper sections. And here they are being drilled for the first chair; the second chair hole will be drilled oversize to allow some play when setting the track to gauge. It’s a bit tedious but doing them a few at a time will see the job soon done..